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The Hobie Cat is a revolution on its own. the first Hobie was the 14, which was designed and invented by a guy called Hobart (Hobie), who lived at Capristano Beach in Southern California. Hobie then went on to create a fantastic Hobie culture that has flourished across the world.

The Hobie Cats are fast, dynamic, exhilirating and designed for those who are up for the sport side of sailing. They are great for beach sailing and dynamic in most other situations, however their speed and size means you need plenty of space to sail them.

We have only touched on the Hobie Cats here because there are so many and there is so much to say! We have given you a little flavour for most of the fleet.

Hobie Teddy
Thirteen feet long and one of the most recent additions to the range. A good starting point for beginners.

Hobie Wave
The Wave is also suitable for beginners to learn the ropes and can be transported on top of the car. Great fun and popular with schools and clubs.

Hobie Dragoon
The Dragoon is designed to meet the learning and competing requirements in France for the 12-14 year old catamaran category. This gives you an idea of the cat's target market. It is a good boat to learn in and affordable enough to kick off your catamaran sailing experiences.

Hobie Cat 15
The Hobie Cat 15 is the 'school boat'. It is the only catamaran of its category allowing five people on board. This is mainlt the reason why it meets such a grat success with the sailing schools. This is an all-round boat which allows together security and fun pleasures.

Hobie Cat 16 Easy
It is the perfect choice for first-time cat owners and sailing schools. The smaller rig and the loose-footed mainsail let you develop confidence and skill at beach cat sailing. For safer sailing in strong wind conditions, you can also rig the Easy Junior sails (area 7.50sq m).

Hobie Getaway
The Getaway is a 16-feet catamaran in rotomoulded polyethylene, very resistant and particularly well adapted to the use in sailing clubs for initiation to catamaran sailing.

Hobie Cat 14
International class, the Cat 14 is a single-handed catamaran that has proven its capacities during European and World Championships. In its Turbo version it is equipped with a furling jib and a trapeze.

Hobie Cat 16
The Cat 6 is the most famous sport catamaran world-wide (around 100,000 are sailing all over the globe). This is a real sport catamaran which will meet every expecation: leisure, cruising, regatta and long distance races.

Hobie FX-One
A cat-boat rig (only the main sail) for single-handed or with a jib to sail with a friend, this is the pure sport cat, new in the Hobie hi-tech range.

Hobie Tiger
The Hobie Tiger has been designed especially for the open formula 18 racing and the results prove the top performance of the Hobie Tiger. Fittings, hull design and sail shape are the result of the latest developments in technology.

Hobie Fox
The Fox is a brand new 20 feet catamaran concept developed in Toulon, France, and is based on a revolutionary hull shape (proven in the Worrell 1000 and the A-class). The specifications will allow you to compete competitively in F-20 racing.

Hobie Pacific
The Hobie Pacific has been developed for all sailors who would like a higer performance boat which, at the same time, does not require too much technical prowess. An 18 feet catamaran that facilitates long distance cruises or racing, the Pacific is also a great boat to simply take out on a picnic.

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