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Dart 15

The Dart 15 was designed by Rodney Marsh, who also designed the Tornado class catamaran. The 15 is car-toppable and has a two-piece mast option to help with this operation. The boat dismantles to allow easy transportation.

The Dart 15 is ideal for single-handed sailing complete with jib and trapeze (sprint) or with a crew. The boat is stable and fast as you would expect, and this particular model is a great stepping stone into the speedy world of catamaran sailing. The trapeze can be used by a crew or the helm. The layout and rigging of the boat is all very straight forward. The class is raced and there is quite a social element to the racing.

The Dart 15 is a great boat for the beach, aided greatly by its car-toppability. She is relatively easy to sail and not too demanding. Sailing a catamaran requires a few acquired techniques when tacking and with practice you will find you can get more out of the boat. You should think about where you sail if you are considering a cat - if you want to store the boat at your local club check that they take catamarans.

The Dart 15 is a good fun boat to sail and is suitable for youngsters.

History, specifications and images of the Dart 15

Portsmouth Number 916
Portsmouth Number (sprint) 882 (what is the PN?)