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Dart 16

The Dart 16 was designed by Yves Loday, who was an Olympic gold medallist and is an acclaimed multihull designer. The 16 is very fast, great fun and yet it is fine for less experienced sailors.

The 16 is stable and forgiving but when you want performance it is there (Portsmouth Number 850, for instance). The hulls are constructed of a very durable plastic called Tecrothene which gives you incredible strength and rigidity.

The mainsail can be reefed easily and the furling jib gives you easy control when you need it. The 16 comes with a single trapeze, which is easy to use and a great introduction to some potentially more hectic experiences on other monohulls.

The rudders lift easily for beach landing and launching, and are easy to control. The hulls have a skeg shape to them that help to give you control and manouvrability.

This catamaran is extremely hard to pitchpole (turn upside down by flipping on the leeward hull) but because of the shape and bouyancy of the hulls this is virtually impossible (accoding to Yachts and Yachting's test team). A capsize can be hard to recover with only one person but with two it isn't a problem.

The Dart 16 is well thought out and and both halyard and sheet operations are made smooth and hassle-free. The 6:1 loading on the downhaul allows you to flatten the main in high winds. The 16 is great fun to sail and a thrill a minute in a bit of a wind. There is a healthy Association and plenty of organised events to attend.

This is a top catamaran, great sailing and you don't need to be a high flying crew to handle her!

History, Specifications and images of the Dart 16

Portsmouth Number 1 sail 1 crew 852
Portsmouth Number 2 sails a crew 872
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