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Dart Hawk

Designed by Yves Loday, Tornado gold medallist and a massive name in French sailing, and Reg White, also a gold medallist, the Dart Hawk is simply electric. Much of the cat takes it strength from the Tornado designs. This baby needs athleticism and is pure sport but with this in mind you will also find her surprisingly well-mannered for such a machine, although this doesn't mean she won't flip if you don't get it right.

The hulls are seriously tough and the carbon used in the daggerboards also gives them the same quality. The Hawk is half a foot wider than the Dart 18 which helps with stability. Rig control is almost exclusively on the downhaul and this is easy to use in action. The spinnaker goes up and down with a single line and provides loads of power - this is serious stuff!

The Hawk is designed to handle surf and from reading the Yachts and Yachting test it does this blisteringly well. There is not yet a huge fleet of Hawks but with so many speed freaks around this will inevitably change. The Hawk does take a little longer to set up the but the thrill appears to be worth it. You really need to chat with the manufacturers and get a test sail to understand this flying machine a little better.

History, specifications and images of the Dart Hawk

Portsmouth Number 689 (what is the PN?)

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