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Laser Stratos

The Laser Stratos has been specifically designed for family sailing. It will take the whole family and a good sized picnic but also offers a very full sailing experience. The Stratos has the option of an outboard bracket and comes with a waterfront storage area.

The mast has built-in buoyancy, the foredeck is designed for easy access and you can add a trapeze on if you so wish. The seats are comfortable and there is an underwater skegline to improve handling.

The jib furls, the main reefs, the cockpit is self-draining and when you capsize a small compartment fills with water to bring the centreboard down to the right level to enable easy righting. Someone has done some serious thinking here and I would bet they have sailed with a family on more than one occasion!

The Stratos comes with a launching trailor. The gennaker works on a single line system. If you like sailing with your family and want them to enjoy the experience too, then the Stratos is probably well worth further investigation.

Stratos Keel

The Stratos is also produced with a 100kg lifting keel. This offers added stability for recreational sailing and enables you to move around the boat at anchor or dockside with ease.

History, Specifications and Images of the Laser Stratos and Stratos Keel

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