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The Wanderer is a recreational dinghy, ideal for family and comfortable two-handed sailing. The boat comes with the option of a steel centreplate to give her added stability. Alternatively a wooden centreboard is available for racing and a more lively sailing experience.

The Wanderer is suitable for between one and four person crews and handles well. She is popular with sailing schools because she is roomy, reliable and sturdy. She is easy to trail and fairly easy to launch and retrieve (see hull weights in the specifications). The Wanderer has a full set of sails which make her a good boat to learn the art of sailing in relative comfort.

The main is slab reefed, the genoa is easily dropped and has a tensioning level to help adjust sail tension and shape. The mast is easy to raise and lower with a tabernacle for the heel of the mast to be stepped. The Wanderer has good buoyancy which helps recovery in the event of a capsize. However, if you opt for the steel centreplate the chances of a capsize become very slim anyway.

This is a nice solid boat, great for family sailing, a leisurely outing or some fun club racing. In some ways the Wanderer might be seen as a younger sister to the Wayfarer.

History, Specifications and Images of the Wanderer

Portsmouth Number 1131 (What is the PN?)

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