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Another dinghy from the Topper stable. A modern high technology single-hander with a fairly forgiving nature for this type of boat.

The mainsail is 10sq metres and is a semi-soft design which means it is a little more forgiving than the fully battened rigs. You can sail closer to the wind and in high winds you can still get good performance even if you are spilling a little wind to keep some power out of the sail.

She is a reasonably speedy dinghy with a Portsmouth Number of 1047 (see below) but is fairly forgiving to sail with a wide hull at the aft for stability when planing.

The Blaze has racks which come out from the cockpit and can be adjusted according to weight and wind. This allows you to adjust the boat for lighter or heavier sailors and also offers a surprisingly comfortable means of keeping the hull nice and flat.

All the controls have been designed so that they can be operated from the racks. The cockpit is fairly spacious and has plenty of room for operating. It is self-draining without being ridiculously shallow.

As with most of the Topper range, the hull is strong and carries a guarantee with it. At only 70kg the Blaze is easy to trail and to launch.

History, specifications of images of the Blaze

Portsmouth Number 1047 (What is the PN)