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The Byte is almost a natural evolution from the original Topper, which is little surprise as this boat is designed and built by none other than Topper. She is faster than the original Topper but enjoys many of the same qualities in ease of handling and enjoyable safe fun on the water.

This is ideal for children to learn in or lighter weight adults. The Byte is a little 'knock-about' which is easy to sail, easy to transport and easy to put together. The main slots over the mast but, rather than having to man-handle the rig into position with a full rig, you have the option of a simple halyard to haul the main up once the two-piece mast is in place.

The mainsail can be adjusted to power or de-power the rig. The main sheet is located towards the centre of the boat making gibs and tacking easier and operations less congested.

Topper give the recommended weight range for the Byte as being between 45 - 70kg. This means that large males won't really sit too comfortably but she is ideal for kids and lighter adults. She is easy to place on top of the car, is a fun single-handed or multiple kids dinghy, and comes with a three year hull warranty.

History, specifications and images of the Byte

Portsmouth Number 1159 (What is the PN?)