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The Comet is a single-handed 11ft 4inch sailing dinghy with a two-piece mast and a 50kg hull, which makes it fairly easy to lug about and put on top of the car. The boat comes with a single main and the option of a mini-rig for beginners and lighter-weight sailors (the mini-rig is suitable for juniors of six stone plus). The hull is built in GRP and she responds well in fairly light breezes as well as being an exciting boat in windier weather.

The Comet falls somewhere between the Topper and the Laser in terms of sailing speed, the Topper being slower (1288 rating) and the Laser faster (1078 rating) when compared to the Comet (1173 rating). The boat is well designed and laid out, and with the mini-rig option it does genuinely offer a beginner the scope to graduate to competitive sailing as well as a sympathetic boat in which to learn.

There are not as many Comets on the water as some of its contemporaries, however, with the handicap system this will not stop you from competing regularly at your club. If it is competitive class racing that you are after then the Comet may not be your number one choice, but if you are looking for fun, safe sailing in a responsive single-handed boat, it is a good choice and competitively priced.

Images and Specifications of the Comet

Portsmouth Number 1173 (What is the PN?)