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The original Laser, a proven success worldwide - 174,000 sailed on 120 countries. A great single-hander which can be raced competitively or used for recreation. She is suitable for all sorts of people and is a good boat for young sailors to progress from junior racing.

The Laser is robust, swift, easy to manouvre and remarkably easy to rig. The mast is simply slotted into the deck and you are ready to go. The mainsail has a sleeve which the mast is threaded through. The Laser comes with three different rig sizes to allow a natural progression for beginners and light weight crews. This also allows you to grow the boat with the person rather than having to buy an entire boat at each stage. The first stage is the Laser 4.7, then the Laser Radial and finally the Laser.

The Laser holds it second-hand value because there is little, or than sail wear and tear, to go wrong. It is easy to handle on a trolley or car top and is built to last. The Laser does demand a certain athleticism from the sailor due to its low freeboard and boom so if you are getting a little 'long in the tooth' it might not be the ideal retirement craft. However on all other counts this is a very well known and thoroughly tested craft that can be raced at the highest level of simply enjoyed for a good bash about in the harbour. It was the Laser that delivered that classic last race at the Sydney Olympics to secure Ben Ainslie his Gold Medal.

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