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Laser Vortex

The Vortex is a little different! Described as having a tunnel hull, the dinghy effectively has two hulls connected by a flat deck. The Vortex is designed as a fast, fun single-handed trapeze dinghy. The hull hydronamics give more stability in choppy conditions and delivers speed and manoeuvrability.

The aerofoil rudder further adds to the boat's keen response. Trapezing is a pleasure as you tend to ride a little higher above the spray and the boat is fast and exciting whilst still offering stability that a single hull of similar intentions could not offer.

The Vortex looks like a fun beach boat and the powerful rig suggests a boat designed for speed and excitement. The Vortex Hi-tech sail has a fat head to help power you up but the sail design is also sympathetic to control and handling. It all sounds fun and we will bring you more information once we have had a chance to try one - in the meantime, talk to Laser!

History, Specifications and images of the Laser Vortex

Portsmouth Number 965 (may change) (What is the PN?)