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A true classic and probably one of the most successful dinghies for learning to sail ever designed. The Optimist is sailed worldwide and many of today's top sailors might well have started their sailing days with this dinghy.

The Optimist is about six feet long with a simple mast and mainsail that slots straight into the dinghy. This is very much a child's dinghy and is useful up to early teens, after which the 'Opi' becomes a little restrictive in terms of size.

The Opi is a great dinghy for learning how to sail - primarily learning sail control and trimming and boat steering. You see kids all over the country learning in Opi's often from as young as five years old. They can be raced, easily handled out of the water as well as on, and have a high boom to prevent too many sore heads.

The Opi is designed for sailors weighing between 50 and 120 lbs. The flat hull shape makes the boat very stable and the simple light weight rig makes for easy rigging. A proven dinghy with a great pedigree and probably the number one dinghy in the world for introducing children to sailing.

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