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This is a boat that has turned heads since it first entered the market. It is a single-handed dinghy that incorporates advanced hull designs and a complimentary rig, to give you speed and sailing performance that stands out from others of its type.

Her beam is 2 metres, although most of this is above the waterline. A slim hull shape below the waterline gives quick acceleration and efficiency. The hull weight is just 58kg and the construction is tough and enduring. There are no stays to the rig and the sail is designed with a low tack but a steeply raked boom to give clearance for the helmsman at the back. The dinghy comes in two sail sizes to allow individuals to make their own decisions on weight and handling.

A thoroughly modern single-handed dinghy which has won accolades within the industry. Not for the casual sailor but very much an option for the competitive single-hander.

History, Specifications and Images of the RS300

Portsmouth Number 1003 (What is the PN?)