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Just to look at the boat gives you a fair indication of the performance you can expect from this high tech, single-handed dinghy. The RS600 has a Portsmouth Number of 920, which tells you a lot about the speed of this machine.

With a hull weight of just 52kg, the boat has a trapeze and most of your time will be out on this, standing on the wings that extend either side of the hull. The boat's controls are designed to be handled with ease from the wire. The mast is carbon fibre and the sails are fully battened. The sail shape can be easily changed to suit weight and conditions, similar to modern windsurfing sail technology. The sail area can be reduced by removing the mast extension and reefing the bottom of the sail, which zips neatly away. This still give you a full rig whilst reducing the mast height and the sail area.

The RS600 is a single-handed boat for the experienced sailor. She is a high-performance racing machine that is exciting to sail, light and yet well built for resistance and longevity. Once on the water you won't have much time to concern yourself with the everyday hassles of life.

History, Specifications and images of the RS600

Portsmouth Number 920 (What is the PN?)