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All the fun of single-handed sailing in the lap of totally modern technology. Designed and built since the RS600, the RS700 has been tweaked to produce a sizzling single-handed speed machine, complete with spinnaker.

The RS700 is for the experienced sailor. The boat's controls are designed to be handled with ease whilst out on the trapeze. The mast is carbon-composite and the sails are shaped by raking back the mast and adjusting the leech. Not a million miles away from windsurfing sail technology, you can shape the sail to adjust the power in the rig. The spinnaker is designed to be hoisted and put away with speed, which is very necessary in a high-performance single-handed dinghy like the RS700.

Undoubtedly an extremely exciting boat that will require some time on the water. Not for the light-hearted single-hander but then you only have to look at the boat to get a feel for what she is all about.

History, Specification and Images of the RS700

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