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The tamer end of the RS market. The Vareo is designed for single-handed and children's sailing. The boat is fun, with many characteristics of the RS range evident but packaged for a more family friendly experience.

At 14 feet the Vareo is a fairly small dinghy, which suits children and also provides an enjoyable single-handed experience for adults. It is a light boat that is easy to move around. The rig is simple and comes with the option of an asymmetric spinnaker. The boat is quite 'beamy' giving plenty of operating room and as a fundamentally single-handed boat, everything can be controlled from the helm.

The Vareo seems ideal for recreational sailing and for teaching children to sail. At the time of writing it is probably fair to say that there is not a significant racing fleet on the water, however as other RS boats have proved, this may change with time.

History, Specifications and Images of the RSVareo

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