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The Topper is an ideal boat to learn to sail in. It is easy to transport and lug about, weighing in at just 43kg. The hull is made from polypropylene with built in buoyancy and stands up to all the bashing that kids can throw at it.

With a single mainsail and no jib, the Topper is very easy to rig, can be popped on top of the car and is hard to beat as a knock-about holiday boat. There are masses of Toppers around the country and this generally means most sailing clubs will have plenty of kids racing the dinghy. If they want to get competitive in the Topper class they can go the whole way to the World Championships, however they may well want to evolve to other boats once they have fully mastered the Topper, due to the lack of jib or spinnaker.

The Topper scores very highly for learning to sail in a fun knock about boat. It is a not a family boat and won't hold a picnic, however it does stand out as a great fun boat, easy to capsize and right, safe and uncomplicated with just a sail to master. It has more space than most of its smaller direct competitors and has reasonable water speed.

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Portsmouth Number 1288 (What is the PN?)