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The 420 can be enjoyed by all members of the family. She is a great boat for children to begin to taste the delights of high-performance sailing and is raced at every level.

Part of the thrill of the 420 is learning to sail her, there is marked different between this boat and some of the more mild-mannered contemporaries. I have enjoyed watching eleven-year-olds racing the 420 in a force 5 at our local club, both boat and crew looked impressive. With a full compliment of sails and a trapeze for the crew, the 420 is fun. She has built-in buoyancy tanks which makes it safe when capsized.

The 420 is a little too small and lively for a family day out but it can most definitely be enjoyed by all the family. The boat hold's her family well and is still a very popular dinghy, particularly amongst younger sailors.

Remarkably the boat was first launched in 1960 and, like the 470 and 505, it has proved to be a thoroughbred amongst dinghies. As its name suggests, the boat is 4.20 metres in length. She is easy to handle on the slipway and relatively easy to rig.

History, Specifications and images of the 420

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