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The 505 is a high-performance double-handed dinghy. The boat is beautifully designed with a high-performance hull and a powerful sailplan. There is a single trapeze for the crew and a good sized spinnaker to get to grips with.

The 505 is a lovely boat to sail, demanding on the helm and crew but beautifully balanced, spacious and exhilaratingly fast. She will scream along close to the wind as well as off-wind. The experience of broad reaching with a full compliment of sails in a Force 4 upwards is truly an adrenaline rush to be savoured. The 505 is raced internationally and the class is highly competitive, although no longer an Olympic class.

The 505 is fairly spacious and less inclined to capsize than the smaller 470. It is not a boat for beginners but you can sail fairly comfortably with three and her relatively forgiving nature does allow for enjoyable light wind family sailing. Having said that, if you are looking for family days out you may be buying a stallion to pull a cart, but if it is fun and thrills that you are seeking the 505 is hard to beat. Having been around since the 1950s, the 505 is fairly easy to find on the second-hand market at reasonable prices.

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