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The Albacore is a popular dinghy for both pleasure and race sailing. She is approximately 15 feet long, and is designed with a flat hull section to the rear of the centreboard to encourage planing in winds of ten knots and over.

The Albacore has a long history of racing and the design combines excitement with fairly good stability. The Albacore has a jib and a mainsail with no spinnaker. With built-in bailer doors at the stern and plenty of built-in buoyancy the boat drains easily and is easily recovered in the event of a capsize. The Albacore is ideally designed to be raced by two people but will carry four and has some stowage space below the thwart.

Although the boat is great for leisure sailing, it is probably not ideal if you have very young kids, purely because her performance makes her a little more flighty than some of the heavier dinghies of a similar size. She is, however, in many ways a classic with a long history and a good pedigree.

She is comfortable to helm and crew and is light enough to be pulled up and down the slipway with relative ease, although a hand from the crew wouldn't go amiss.

Albacores can be found second-hand or purchased from new. Most new Albacores are built in GRP, however earlier versions were built in wood.

History, Specifications and Images of the Albacore

Portsmouth Number 1068 (What is the PN?)

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