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Let's start with the Portsmouth Number of 869. This is a flying machine for serious speed merchants. A twin trapeze dinghy which is light and strong using high technology carbon fibre.

The BOSS is one of the fastest twin-trapeze boats in the world. The boat does not compromise on fittings - everything is specifically designed to compliment this racing machine. The boat is designed by Ian Howlett, who has built on the International 14's designs to create the BOSS.

The rig is designed to harness enormous power that is balanced and controllable. The boat is strong, light and well laid out to ensure the sailor is operating without clutter but with efficiency.

This is amongst the highest performance dinghies on the market and if you are in this market it would be well worth talking to Topper for all the sexy details!

Portsmouth Number 869 (what is the PN?)

History, specifications and images of the BOSS

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