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The Buzz is a high performance sailing dinghy that is worthy of its name. Although she is forgiving in comparison with some of her contemporaries, she gives you a thrilling performance and demands enough of the crew to let you know you are definitely in the high performance end of the market.

The Buzz is easy to rig and handles well in and out of the water. She is suitable for younger sailors who are cutting their teeth on the higher performance end of the market. The asymmetric spinnaker is well designed and fairly easy to handle but gives the boat the real kick to which she owes her name.

The Buzz has a single trapeze. The fully battened rig combines with the asymmetric spinnaker to give the crew plenty of trapeze activity. The cockpit is self draining and well laid out. She is fast becoming a popular club racing choice.

The dinghy is fairly beamy which gives it added stability and easy planing. The Buzz is becoming a popular choice for sailing schools and holidays as a robust and enjoyable assymetric dinghy. A well thought out and fun boat.

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Portsmouth Number 1007 (What is the PN?)