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The Fireball is a very unique boat with a distinct hull shape and low freeboard. She is a high-performance boat with a trapeze for the crew and a 13 metre spinnaker. Many of the original Fireball enthusiasts bought the DIY version which allowed sailors to get a brand new boat on the water at less cost.

The Fireball is sailed internationally and has an impressive pedigree. She planes well off the wind and has good water speed. The boat is fairly easy to sail and quite forgiving.

She is easy to right in the event of capsize and is probably a good introduction to the competitive world of high-performance sailing. The boat is comfortable to helm and crew.

The Fireball is a less-familiar sight on the water than it used to be, and with so much competition around the boat has faded into the background a little. However she has a devoted following around the world. The Fireball is not a family boat and is not ideal to learn to sail in. However she is fun and forgiving and a lot of enjoyable competitive sailing can be had.

If you are wanting to sail against similar boats in your club, check the number of Fireballs in the boat park before you make a decision; as with many boats, the numbers vary considerably from one place to the next.

She is easy to trail behind the car and at 79kg comes up and down the slipway with relative ease.

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