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The GP14 is a general purpose sailing dinghy. The boat was designed in 1950 and was a popular boat on inshore and coastal waters. She is stable and pleasant to sail. If you are looking for a comfortable, traditional boat to sail recreationally, the GP14 may fit the bill. She has a jib, mainsail and spinnaker, and is suitable for family outings and racing, although there are less fleets on the water these days.

The GP14 is fourteen feet long and weighs 133kg. The weight of the boat does mean you need a bit of muscle on the slipway. This is a boat to enjoy at leisure. As with many of the older designs, she has a comfortable and substantial feel to her and is a pleasure to sail.

She will not be the liveliest boat on the water, but she is seaworthy, stable and reliable - a good sea boat.

History, Specifications and Images of the GP14

Portsmouth Number 1126 (What is the PN?)