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The ISO is a fast and fun high-performance sailing dinghy. She is a single-trapeze boat, cleverly designed to cater for a wide range of crew weights (125kgs - 165kgs) with detachable wings.

The detachable wings are used by lighter crews in order to gain more influence over the balancing of the boat. However, if you are heavier you do not need the wings and can remove them from the boat thus providing some compensation between light and heavy crews.

With a Portsmouth Number of 926, the ISO is clearly a racing machine. At 4.74 metres she has plenty of space for a well-planned layout and also combines speed with good stability.

The ISO has an assymetric spinnaker which is attached to a retractable pole that is housed in a sleeve built into the front of the hull of the boat. The ISO can be sailed by sailors of differing ability and is a great boat to graduate in competitive one-design racing.

She is at home on inland waters and the open sea and has a large and very popular following at club level. There are also second hand boats on the market which helps to support the value of the boats and allows more competitors to enter the class at a lower cost.

History, specifications and images of the ISO

Portsmouth Number 926 (what is the PN?)

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