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The Lark is another of the timeless classics. Designed in the late sixties by Mike Jackson, the Lark was extremely popular throughout the seventies and eighties. Although there are less on the water today, the Lark has had a makeover and is now built by Rondar Raceboats. The Lark, old and new, is a two-handed dinghy with a trapeze for the crew and a full set of sails - jib, main and spinnaker. At 12 feet, the Lark is light to handle and easy to launch and trail. She is fun on the water responds well to a blow - nothing to be alarmed about if you capsize as she is easy to right and drains well.

The newly designed Lark is of GRP construction. The interior layout has been modernised to enhance comfort on the inwales, improve boayancy and clear water from the cockpit area quickly after a capsize. The controls are all operated from the top of the centreboard case and the spinnaker tucks neatly into the front boayancy area. Ideal for club racing, advanced children and just mucking around on the water. If you and your crew are 6ft plus you might want to test sail the Lark before commiting.

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