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Laser 3000

The Laser 3000 is a high performance boat for lighter weight crews. The 3000 is an ideal stepping stone to the larger Laser 4000 and 5000. Being a little shorter with a smaller rig makes the 3000 an ideal high-performance experience with a little less power to deal with.

The boat is open and well laid out with plenty of space for manoevre. The Mylar mainsail has a full length batten at the top and shorter battens further down the sail, which gives you power but also makes the boat easier to handle ashore and at mooring.

The gennaker and pole is operated by a single line. She is an ideal first trapeze boat. The gennaker is 12.80sq metres, which is effectively the turbo option.

The 3000 can be tamed whenever required. The mainsail can be reefed and the boat has a furling jib, which enables less experienced and lighter crews to control the boat with ease. The 3000 can be sailed as a single-hander with the jib furled.

She is light and easy to handle on shore and can be transported on top of the car if necessary. The hull is strong and light at just 79kg, which makes trolley handling and launching a painless operation.

History, Specifications and Images of the Laser 3000

Portsmouth Number 1030 (What is the PN?)

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