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Laser 4000 & 5000

'Laser Crew Power Equalisation' - this effectively means that Laser have introduced a unique system to the 4000 and 5000 that removes any advantage or disadvantage for crews. Depending on the competitors' weight the boat has a system of rocks and correctors that will ensure a level playing field. It is pure racing where skill will win you the glory, not size.

The Laser 4000 has a Portsmouth Rating of 906. She is the smaller of the two boats will less size and power, and a single trapeze rather than a twin. But don't think she is any kind of pussy cat, the 4000 is designed for competing at the highest level of one-design racing. The boat rocks but is also light to helm and responds with ease.

The cockpit is well laid out and spacious, and the gennaker and pole are launched and retrieved by a single-line system.

The 4000 offers high-performance one-design sailing that the highest level.

The Laser 5000 was the first of its type on the scene. I can remember the first one at our club and the attention it attracted. It was bought by one of the club's top crews who immediately set off on the European circuit. This is probably a good introduction to the 5000 - it is high-performance sailing for high-peformance crews.

The Portsmouth Number is 846 - she flies! Like the 4000 she is designed as a one-design racing machine with 'Laser Crew Power Equalisation', which prevents the heavies from taking an advantage. The 5000 is bigger, heavier and more powerful than the 4000 but they are very much from the same stable.

History, Specifications and Images of the Laser 4000 and Laser 5000

Portsmouth Number (What is the PN?):
Laser 4000 906
Laser 5000 846

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