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The RS400 is an extremely popular sailing dinghy that has taken on the water in its thousands. It is the largest class of the asymmetric dinghies and was very much a ground breaker on its launch. As with all the RS dinghies, the RS400 is a modern high-tech design.

With a wide hull the RS400 is comfortable to sail, with plenty of space for the organisation of halyards and sheets and easy leverage for both the crew and helm. The main and jib are fully battened giving excellent shape and power. The asymmetric spinnaker is remarkably easy to use and delivers the turbo charge that gets the adrenaline pumping.

The RS400 is very popular for racing and there are large fleets around the country. The boat is extremely well thought out and a close look will reveal some canny thinking in terms of rig adjustments and boat tuning.

With a Portsmouth Yardstick rating of 952, the RS400 is comfortably up there with the speed merchants of the water. A great boat for racing with your partner as it is designed to make life easy on the lighter sailor on the sheets and forgiving in a big blow. Not a picnic boat but an exciting sailing dinghy with a forgiving nature.

Portsmouth Number 952 (What is the PN?)

History, Specifications and Images of the RS400