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Another speedy number from the Topper stable. The Spice is referred to by Topper as being similar to a 'baby BOSS', it is certainly an exciting boat to sail but a little slower, smaller and more forgiving.

The boat has twin trapezes which open new doors for those who have yet to experience the thrill of trapezing next to your crew. The Spice received good reviews from Yachts and Yachting Technical Director Peter Bentley, who praised the boat's combination of speed and manageability. The deep rudder gives good manoeuvrability.

The controls are based on the experience gained by Topper across their significant range of performance dinghies with features such as the single-line kicker which can be adjusted whilst out on the wire, the single-line halyard for spinnaker and bowspirit hoist and collapsing sheet loads that are calculated to enable a broad range of crews to enjoy the boat.

The Spice is more forgiving than many of its contemporaries and this means less time trying to get to grips with a new experience and more time enjoying it. The Spice is certainly not for beginners but it is a boat that experienced sailors can get to grips with fairly quickly for their first taste of twin-trapeze, high performance sailing.

History, specifications and images of the Spice

Portsmouth Number 920 (what is the PN?)

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