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A very popular sailing dinghy that caters for everything from family sailing to top level racing. The Wayfarer is 16 feet in length and feels remarkably stable to sail. Her performance is good in light to extreme conditions and she responds well.

For the family, she offers a stable, comfortable and fairly dry sailing experience. The boat is easy to handle and allows plenty of room for the picnic and the people. It has plenty of locker space and there is even enough space behind the front buoyancy tank, underneath the deck, to hid small children away in a real blow (yes, I have been there!).

The Wayfarer is a good boat for adults to learn to sail in, with the jib, main and spinnaker to master. The Wayfarer has been in production since 1957 and as such there are plenty of boats on the second-hand market, as well as brand new models leaving the production lines.

If you wish to race competitively you will also find the experience enjoyable. The Wayfarer class is very popular. Having been in production for so long, the Wayfarer comes in a number of different versions, which are accommodated within the class. The boat has a good sized spinnaker and will plain with relative ease in a reasonable blow. There is plenty of room for playing around with gadgets to try and get the best from your sails.

If there is a down side, it might be the weight of the boat. If you are fit and healthy the boat is manageable on the slipway, however it is probably a two-person operation. Although they do not capsize easily, when they do the weight of the boat demands the right techniques and a bit of muscle to bring her up and you will need to do a bit of bailing.

This is an excellent all-round boat and she has proven her pedigree decade after decade.

History, Specifications and Images of the Wayfarer

Portsmouth Number 1099 (What is the PN?)